Black Bear Farms Peach Fruit Wine with Salami and Gouda Shish Kebabs.

Enough is Enough!

Bright & sunny cold days lead to thoughts of Spring on the horizon.

Nothing like a peach fruit wine from Black Bear Estate Winery to keep us occupied while we patiently wait!

Canadian gouda, genoa & calabrese salami side perfectly as kebabs.

Shish KeBab with Mastro Deli Salami

Like in Italy, we at Mastro and San Daniele believe that foods with the simplest ingredients are the finest foods of all. That’s why all of our Mastro Salami’s, San Daniele Prosciutto and San Daniele Mortadella are made with only the finest ingredients, in an authentic Italian way. So if you’re looking to pick up a little Italian deli the next time you’re in the grocery store, Mastro and San Daniele are a fantastico way to learn Italian one bite at a time.

Black Bear Farms Peach Fruit Wine

Made from our finest tree ripened freestone peaches grown on our farm. A nice refreshing drink with a meal or on it’s own! Bronze, 2011 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition SALE 14.3% alc./ vol. 750ml $16.00