Black Bear Farms Gooseberry or Pear Fruit wines at you Holiday Party.

Holiday Party Anyone?

Make your holidays merry this season with wine as an ideal hostess gift!

With all the hustle and bustle Black Bear’s Pear or Gooseberry fruit wine served dual purpose.

And don’t forget to bring some to share!

Gooseberry Fruit Wine

This wine is made from our red gooseberries we grow here on the farm. With its unique taste it can complement your meal especially the red meats and pasta dishes.

Bronze, 2011 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition.

11.6% Alc./Vol.


Pear Fruit Wine

This wine is made from our tree ripened pears.

It is our lowest alcohol.

It is a very light wine that is similar to pear cider.

6.2% Alc./vol.